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Patella Strap

Are you in need of a patella strap as a result of a Jumper's Knee or Osgood Schlatter? If that's the case, then Podobrace is the right address for you. In our assortment, you'll find many different patella straps that help for these and many other complaints. Want to know more about our patella straps? Feel free to read on, we're more than happy to explain it to you. 

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What exactly is a patella strap?

A patella strap is a brace that can be applied just below the knee. You then tighten the strap by using the Velcro strap. The patella straps will then slightly push down the kneecap. This will provide support to the knee tendon.

When am I supposed to wear a patella strap?

Most people who suffer from Osgood Schlatter or Runner's Knee are often advised to wear a patella strap. These are the most common complaints in and around the knee tendon area. A patella strap is often advised by a doctor or physiotherapist. In order to let the proces of complaint reduction go as smooth as possible, our specialists advise you to only wear the patella strap when you are actually experiencing complaints. In addition, the patella strap is perfectly wearable during sports. So in short, a patella strap will never bother you in your daily life.

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Did you manage to find a strap which you think suits you best? In most cases, the patella strap is one size fits all. If this is not the case, the sizechart which you will find at the bottom of every product page, will help you find the size that will suit you best. Still, have questions after reading this information? Then please don't hesitate to contact us by mail, chat or by telephone on the following number: +31(0)85-4898445. Our customer service is always ready and more than willing to help you.

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