About us

Podobrace is a collection of therapists who still believe in helping people, with customer satisfaction as their main priority. Podobrace was created out of the fact that we could never find a website for our own patients where we could easily order products, to help our clients and provide them with products for the best price / quality ratio. And that's how Podobrace was created, a website and webshop where people can get free advice from a physio, manual, podopostural and occupational therapists or sports podiatrists (who in addition are all members of various societies, such as the Omni Podo Genootschap and Stichting Loop) to obtain the best product for their complaints.

Our specialists are more than happy to help you with objective personalised advice, so you can get rid of your complaints as fast as possible, and they can give you the best fitting product or treatment.

And because of this combination of expertise, speed of delivery and customized advice, Podobrace has grown to be the number #1 webshop for medical devices in Holland and Belgium. With over 35 years of experience and over 100000 orders every year throughout Europe, Podobrace has long been known for its unique service, reliability and above all, feeling for the customer.

Customer satisfaction, our highest priority!

Fortunately, all these qualities are greatly appreciated by our customers, resulting in a 9.5 rating by the Feedback Company in Holland and an average of 4.66/5 on Trusted Shops UK. We also won numerous awards over the years with our webshops across different countries!

Our service, and the helping of people, is what matters to us because that's why we started Podobrace and that's what we will always stand for. Customer satisfaction, our highest priority!

All our products extensively tested and carefully selected by our specialists. Always the best price / quality ratio!

All our products are always tested in our practices by our patients and therapists, to ensure we only offer the best products. Our products are selected from a wide range of suppliers and only the products that came out as best tested are offered. At Podobrace, our clients, patients and their complaints always come first. Therefore, high discounts are given, to ensure our clients always get our products for the best price.

Did you know?

For years, Podobrace has also spent part of its revenue on charities, charity projects and supporting local and national sports clubs and events. At Podobrace we still believe in helping, whether it's charities, our patients or other customers, we always offer ''the right support''.


The 35 years of experience was gathered in two practices located in our hometown of Volendam, (the Netherlands). Where Rob Duin (one of the founders of Podobrace) and fellow therapists have been treating people with the most outspoken physical symptoms for over 35 years. 

Rob Duin graduated from the physiotherapy academy ''Leffelaar'' in 1978. As a professional handball player for HV Volendam, who at that time were the field champion of the Netherlands in 1979, he immediately took the physical care of the team for his account and still until now participates as head of the Medical Team of national multi-champion HV Volendam.

During his very busy working period in at that time his first practice in Volendam, he graduated from the sports physiotherapy training (NOC-NSF Structuur) in 1981. He then graduated in 1984 as a manual therapist. Over the years, he came to notice that there was still a big gap in being able to successfully treat the more long-term and recurring (sports) injuries. That is why he started to study podopostural therapy (graduated in 1985/87) and sports podology (graduated in 1997). This gave him more possibilities to, through sometimes minimal changes in body posture, bring the more permanent and long-term problems to a good end.

Throughout all of these studies, he realized that the right preventative measures are often the basis for not sustaining (sports) injuries. This was the main reason that he and his son Bill Duin eventually decided to set up this webshop.

And with Bill in command, Podobrace has grown to be one of the largest webshops for (sports) orthotics and (sports) insoles and (sports) compression wear in Holland and Belgium. Because of their many years of experience, they have been able to make a selection of the best, most effective and most safe braces, insoles and compression wear on the market. All products are manually selected and extensively tested, from a wide range of products and various suppliers, ensuring our customers will always get the best products. Along the way, they widened the assortment with preventative material, varying from the best orthopaedic cushions, toe correctors to the most reliable products for sports protection, where they also guided and advised dozens of professional athletes in the 2 practices for years. With the presence of podopostural therapists, they also manufacture individually customized insoles, sports insoles or podopostural insoles.

All to help our clients and customers even more specifically with their complaints. After nearly 35 years, the basic principles of Podobrace are still being adhered to every day. We still strive for optimum service, reliability and, above all, the provision of quality for every customer or patient. All of our products have been selected with the utmost care by our specialists and therapists from a huge range of offers. Our products have also been extensively tested by (professional) athletes as well as in our practices for Physio / Manual / Podopostural Therapy and Sports Podology. And mainly thanks to this expertise and knowledge (from different medical perspectives) and many years of experience, we can confirm the optimal quality and maximum effect of our products.


In 2019, Podobrace took over the DUTCC Trading Group. Because of this take-over, the Podobrace Group can focus itself on the B2B market even better, owner Bill Duin about the take-over: 'With DUTCC, we have access to many exclusive brands, products and networks for the B2B segment. Because of their knowledge and expertise, we can achieve rapid growth in the rest of Europe and the Middle-East. HuisHobby will be integrated in our B2C activities and on MrMarketplace.com.'

Later that year, Sportbracestore.nl was also taken over to bring even more organic visitor traffic to our website(s). The last named webshop was set up by two ex-professional athletes who, after their sportive careers, specialised in the sports medical world. The two brothers came in touch with Podobrace via their network, and after that things started to move on quickly. The two brothers about the take-over: 'Podobrace was interested in our webshop Sportbracestore.nl as it was a good addition to their assortment, and it allowed us to specialise in different products.'

Our warehouse

Due to enormous success, the Podobrace Group had to move to a bigger warehouse halfway through 2019. Currently, the Podobrace Group has a warehouse in Denekamp (Holland) of 3000 m2 and a distribution centre in Volendam (Holland) of over 10,000 m2. From this distribution centre, all international orders are packed and shipped to our customers. In addition, this warehouse functions as a distribution centre for other webshops that are part of the Podobrace Group. Being MrMarketplace.com, TextileDiscounter.co.uk and Paulovici.com.

So if you're looking for the very best products, selected by specialists, with a quick, easy and safe way of ordering and a swift delivery system throughout Europe, then Podobrace is your best choice!

Prefer additional, independent professional advice from one of our specialists? Then please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready and more than willing to help you. As our slogan says, at Podobrace, you'll always receive the right support.

Convince yourself and experience the difference at Podobrace.