Knee Support

What's the effect of a knee support?

A knee support is a medical aid that, as the name says, supports your knee. This support is necessary when you're experiencing complaints to the knee joint that could have been caused by overuse or overstretching. If that's the case, then we always advise our clients to wear a knee brace. While you're wearing a knee brace, your knee will be prevented from making certain movements. This doesn't mean that you're no longer able to walk or work. On the contrary, you are free to move around and walk while wearing a knee support, a knee support will only provide a certain amount of counter pressure which supports the knee joint. So by wearing a knee brace, your knee will be supported and your complaints will reduce. In most cases, you will even recover completely from your complaints.

When do I wear a knee support?

It is very important that you wear your knee support when you're actually experiencing your complaints. Is it, for example, during work? Or while you're having a day off? Then wear the brace only at those moments. If you do so, the knee brace will give the best possible result and effect. We always advise to not wear the brace outside of these moments.

Will I be able to move normally with a support around my knee?

You are perfectly free to walk and work as you always did while wearing a knee support. The good thing about wearing a knee support is that you can continue your sportive activities. Think of running or cycling, everything is possible with the right knee support. We often advise the Novamed Lightweight Hinged Knee Support. This is a brace of protection level 3, making it perfect for fairly serious to the most severe knee disorders.

Want to buy a knee support?

Did you manage to find a brace to your liking and do you wish to buy it? You can always place your order easily on our webshop. At the bottom of every product page you will find a size chart. This will allow you to see exactly which brace is best for you. You accurately measure your knee in the same way as depicted on the image, and then choose your size. In order to get the best results, it is of utter importance that you pick the correct size. Still prefer additional information about our knee supports? Then contact us without any obligations via mail, chat or by phone: +31(0)85-4898445.