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Walking Stick

Looking for a walking stick? In our assortment, you'll find many different walking sticks to support you while you're walking. Want additional information? Feel free to read on.

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What's a walking stick?

A walking stick is a cane that supports the joints while you're walking. It is most often used by the elderly. They often experience joint related problems much sooner than the younger. A walking stick is also being used for Nordic Walking. However, we only sell the ones that help you medically, meaning the ones that support the joints and help you with your balance. The handles of our walking sticks all have an anatomical shape. This will ensure that your weight will be divided equally. A rubber stud is equipped at the bottom of the walking stick, for extra grip. 


Setting the right height

Begin by putting on your shoes, the most important thing to wear while walking outside. When you use the walking stick, you have to remain upright, with the elbow slightly bent. In order to determine the right position, you have to let your arms hang loose besides your body and the handle of the walking stick has to be as high as your wrist.


Using a walking stick

If your left leg needs support, you use the walking stick on your right. If the right leg needs support, you use the walking stick on your left.


Different types of walking sticks

There are two types of walking sticks. The non-foldable and the foldable walking sticks (both of them are adjustable).


Important user tips

• Pay mind to things that could get in the way like, loose floor rugs, mats and so on.

• Do not use your walking frame on wet floors, snow and ice.

• Wear sturdy shoes while walking.

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