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Walking Stick

Looking for a walking stick? In our assortment, you'll find many different walking sticks to support you while you're walking. Want additional information? Feel free to read on.

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What's a walking stick?

A walking stick is a cane that supports the joints while you're walking. It is most often used by the elderly. They often experience joint related problems much sooner than the younger. A walking stick is also being used for Nordic Walking. However, we only sell the ones that help you medically, meaning the ones that support the joints and help you with your balance. The handles of our walking sticks all have an anatomical shape. This will ensure that your weight will be divided equally. A rubber stud is equipped at the bottom of the walking stick, for extra grip

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a walking stick?

In the eighteenth century, they were indispensable in fashion; canes were an extension of the costumes of the time. Today, they are used only for support, and for long walks, you have Nordic Walking sticks. If you’re interested in buying a walking stick, Podobrace is your best choice! But what should you pay attention to when purchasing a walking stick? And how exactly do you use it? We’ll explain it to you below.

Why use a walking stick?

A walking stick is used for support when walking. It relieves the knees, ankles and back when experiencing pain complaints or after surgery. It contributes to feeling safe and ensures that you will remain active.

Important user tips

  • Pay mind to things that could get in the way like, loose floor rugs, mats and so on.
  • Do not use your walking frame on wet floors, snow and ice.
  • Wear sturdy shoes while walking.

Setting the right height

Begin by putting on your shoes, the most important thing to wear while walking outside. When you use the walking stick, you have to remain upright, with the elbow slightly bent. In order to determine the right position, you have to let your arms hang loose besides your body and the handle of the walking stick has to be as high as your wrist.


How many types of walking sticks are there?

Walking sticks come in many different types and sizes. Think of walkig sticks that offer support during long walks and hikes and wooden walking sticks. Wooden walking sticks are sturdy and look good, but aren’t adjustable in height. Some walking sticks even have a small seat, for when you become tired during your walk and need a quick break. At Podobrace, we have three different types of walking sticks available. These are: The Medidu Walking Stick Wooden Handle – Adjustable, the Medidu Walking Stick Wooden Handle – Foldable, and the Novamed Anatomic Aluminium Walking Stick.

  • The Medidu Walking Stick Wooden Handle – Adjustable is extremely lightweight while still being stable and sturdy. The anatomical shape of the handle ensures that your weight is equally divided when leaning on the walking stick. The walking stick is equipped with a rubber knob at the bottom end that ensures extra stability and grip. This will keep the stick stable and will prevent it from slipping away, improving the feeling of safety. The Medidu Walking Stick Wooden Handle – Adjustable is adjustable in height from 58 to 93 centimetres and because of the anatomical handle, it can be used by both left and right handed people.
  • The Medidu Walking Stick Wooden Handle – Foldable has the same qualities as the abovementioned walking stick. It is lightweight, stable and sturdy. It’s also in height adjustable from 82 to 93 centimetres. The only difference is that this walking stick is foldable. When folded, it is only 31 centimetres! Making it easy to carry and store.
  • Novamed Anatomic Aluminium Walking Stick is the absolute bestseller from our assortment. It’s lightweight, has a maximum loading capacity of up to 100 kilograms and is easily in height adjustable.

What do you have to pay attention to when buying a walking stick?

Important when buying a walking stick is, the material, overall height and type of walking stick.



Walking sticks are made of different types of materials. You have wooden walking sticks, but the most common type of walking stick is the aluminium walking stick.



The height of the walking stick is very important. Wooden types are not adjustable in height. Every walking stick from the assortment of Podobrace is adjustable in height. Making sure you can adjust them to your own length.



Important to know is which type of walking stick is best for you. There are many different types of walking sticks for sale. You have walking sticks made of wood and aluminium, walking sticks with a small seat and four-legged walking sticks that ensure maximum stability.


How do I determine the right size, and how do I know what the correct size is?

Start with putting your shoes on, as you use your shoes when walking. When using a walking stick, you have to be able to walk straight. Let your arms hang alongside your body, in a relaxed and natural way. When you do that, the handle of the walking stick has to be at the same height as your wrist. Any further questions regarding our walking sticks, or the use of them? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone, mail or live chat.

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