Walking Frames

The best walking frames for the sharpest price

Become mobile again with one of our walking frames. Solid walking frames with which you can move well again. The walking frames we sell are made of durable material, making it light in weight and therefore easy to handle. It is a perfect support for people who have difficulties with walking and recovering. Podobrace believes that it is important that the elderly remain mobile and able to move around comfortably. Our mobility aids for the elderly, such as walking sticks and walking frames will help with this. Walking frames offer support and stability while walking. Most walking frames have aluminum shafts. The walking frames have sturdy handles and the legs are equipped with 4 rubber anti-slip studs.

Setting the height of the walking frame

It is very important that you set your walking frame to the correct height. The handles of the walking frame have to be at the same height of your wrists when you're standing with your arms straight along your body. The height is set correctly, if you can remain upright with the elbows slightly bent. You can set the height by pressing the pins that are attached on both legs. Pull the shafts up, turn the shafts untill the pins fall in the right hole.

Walking with a walking frame

Place the walking frame 1 step ahead of you. Walk towards the walking frame. Use your weakest leg first, then follow with the other. Don't stand and step to close to the walking frame. If your standing still, you lift the walking frame and place it one step forward again.

Want to sit down? Stand against the chair with the back of your legs and the walking frame placed in front of you. Place your hands on the armrests, bend over and sit down carefully. Want to stand up again? Place the walking frame in front of the chair, push yourself up carefully, with your hands placed around the walking frame.

How do you maintain your walking frame?

Clean your walking frame by wiping a wet cloth over your walker. Do not use abrasive or scouring pads.

Pay mind to!

• Things that could get in the way like, loose floor rugs, mats and so on.

• Do not use your walking frame on wet floors, snow and ice.

• While walking with a walking frame you should wear shoes that also offer decent support.