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How to use a strassburg sock?

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Maintaining your Massage Table

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Washing Compression Stockings

You bought compression stockings and want to maintain them as well as possible....

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Maintaining your Gaming Chair

You bought a new game chair or you're thinking of buying one. But how do you maintain it? We, at Podobrace, are happy to explain it to you and give you the best tips...

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Cheap Gaming Chair or Expensive Gaming Chair?

Cheap Game Chair or Expensive Game Chair? Here, we will explain what's best!

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What you should know before buying a Walking Frame

Walking more difficult lately? Or experiencing less strength in your legs and feet? Then it might be the right time to purchase a walking frame.

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Tips for safe use of a Rollator

We are happy to inform you about the correct way to use a rollator and give you tips to allow you to go outside comfortably and safe.

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Benefits of a Gaming Chair

As an avid gamer, you obviously want one thing; undisturbed gaming.

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Tips when buying a Game Chair

You are finally tacking; no more back pain misery and sore arms from all the gaming. You're going to do yourself a great favor by buying a game chair...

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Tips for maintenance of your Rollator

Finally it arrived; your rollator. Maybe you found it difficult to buy the rollator and it felt like a big step...

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