why wear open toe support stockings
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Why wear open toe support stockings?

Support stockings come in different shapes and sizes. They come with closed toes, open toes and even with a zip. Why should you choose open-toed stockings? We're happy to explain it to you!

When to wear support stockings with an open toe?

There are several reasons for choosing open-toed compression stockings. Often people find it inconvenient to wear closed toe stockings because they find them too tight, and they pinch. When open toes are worn, your toes have space again and this increases the comfort. Especially when the weather gets warmer, and you like to wear open-toed sandals or shoes, these stockings are ideal to wear.

Benefits of wearing compression stockings

Wearing compression stockings has many advantages. It improves blood circulation, prevents heavy and tired legs and swollen ankles. For pregnant women, support stockings are also very nice to wear because they offer support to tired calves and ankles.

Support stockings have a special pressure distribution that allows the stockings to support the calf muscles. This improves blood circulation to the heart.

Support stockings can be used for different kinds of conditions and injuries. But did you know that you can even use them when sitting or standing for too long? When you do this, the pumping action of your calf muscles is temporarily shut down. This slows the flow of blood back to your heart and can cause your legs and feet to swell with fluid. This in turn can lead to varicose veins. If you want to prevent this, then it is definitely advisable to wear compression stockings.

Pressure classes

Support stockings are available in different pressure classes. Support stockings have pressure class 1, therapeutic elastic stockings are available in pressure classes 2, 3 and 4. In most cases, these stockings will be reimbursed by the health insurance company. Pressure class 1 can be used for bruises, muscle tears and light varicose veins. Pressure class 2 is used for muscle cramps, severe varicose veins and heavily swollen legs and feet. Pressure class 3 is recommended for weakness in the deep veins, chronic complaints, severe varicose veins and oedema. Do you have doubts about which pressure class is best for you? Please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists.

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