Thermal Long Johns

How do thermal shorts work?

Contrary to what many people think, thermal shorts do not make you hot. Not in the sense that you get comfortably warm when you sit or stand still somewhere with thermal clothing on. Thermal shorts only work when you move. Movement releases heat, and a good pair of thermal shorts will then retain that heat. Thermal trousers also wick away sweat. This keeps the skin warm and dry, and you will not cool down. Thermal shorts not only regulate heat, they also provide compression. This stimulates blood circulation in your legs, reducing lactic acid build-up.

When do you wear such shorts?

You will wear thermal shorts most often when the weather conditions are cold. Wearing thermal clothing is recommended up to 10 degrees above zero. This is advice that is often given and followed. Of course, you should experience for yourself what is most comfortable for you. Because the shorts also offer compression, it is highly recommended to wear them during sports! Compression shorts stimulate blood circulation and reduce vibrations and shocks in the muscles. This significantly reduces the risk of injuries! And they even help to support problems in the groin, hamstring, upper leg and overuse, for example.

Want to buy thermal shorts?

When picking out the thermo shorts, keep in mind to keep the same size as your clothing size. The shorts are very easy to order in our webshop. Would you like to receive more information about the thermal shorts following your order? Then please contact our highly skilled customer service team. Our customer service consists of a team of medical specialists. They are happy to assist you and can answer any question! They can be reached via phone, e-mail and live chat.