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Arm Sling

Looking for an arm sling to relieve your arm after a fracture or contusion? Here, you'll find many different arm slings that act as a support when experiencing pain complaints in your (lower) arm. Prefer additional information? Feel free to read on.

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What's an Arm Sling?

An arm sling is a triangular cloth which you can put your arm in, fold it around your arm and then tie it around your neck. An shoulder sling acts as a support for the hand, wrist or lower arm. We also offer a different type of elbow sling, called the arm carrier. This has the same effect as an arm sling, but offers better support because of the strap around the neck being a whole lot more comfortable. In addition, the arm carrier is easily adjustable in height and can be put on fast because you don't have to tie it first.

When do I wear an Arm Sling?

An arm sling is advised when you're experiencing one of the following complaints:

  • Fractures
  • Contusions
  • Muscle tears
  • Post-operative pain

Want to buy an arm sling?

Did you choose one of our products? Then feel free to order it very easy in our webshop. Do you have any questions about these products? Feel free to contact us. Or do it directly by phone 003185-4898445.

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