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Arm Sling

Looking for an arm sling to relieve your arm after a fracture or contusion? Here, you'll find many different arm slings that act as a support when experiencing pain complaints in your (lower) arm. Prefer additional information? Feel free to read on.

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What's an Arm Sling?

An arm sling is a triangular cloth which you can put your arm in, fold it around your arm and then tie it around your neck. An arm sling acts as a support for the hand, wrist or lower arm. We also offer a different type of arm sling, called the arm carrier. This has the same effect as an arm sling, but offers better support because of the strap around the neck being a whole lot more comfortable. In addition, the arm carrier is easily adjustable in height and can be put on fast because you don't have to tie it first. 


When do I wear an Arm Sling?

An arm sling is advised when you're experiencing one of the following complaints:


  • Fractures
  • Contusions
  • Muscle tears
  • Post-operative pain
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