The best ways to protect your joints when practicing sports
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The best ways to protect your joints when practicing sports

Susceptibility to injury is something that amateur, and professional players face when playing their favourite sport. The more you sport, the more pressure is exerted on the joints. This in turn leads to pain, stiffness, sprains, dislocations and even osteoarthritis.

The above-mentioned problems often occur in the elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and shoulders. Nevertheless, good care and support products can prevent joint injuries and disorders. Below, we give you some tips for the best ways to protect your joints during exercise.

Wear proper shoes

Putting too much pressure on your ankles and feet increases the risk of injury to your hips and legs. Prevent injuries while exercising by making sure you wear the right footwear. Wear shoes that provide cushioning, comfort and stability for your joints and absorb shock during movement. Wearing insoles can also help with this.

Protect vulnerable joints and bones

An elbow complaint does not have to stand in the way of your sporting performance. If you suffer from a tennis elbow or any other complaint, wear an elbow brace during a match or training to minimize pain, improve stability and support movement. Find the perfect elbow brace on We have a wide assortment available for many complaints and situations.


Fortunately, most people are aware that they should warm up before training or playing a sport. However, some people skip this essential step before training or a big game. Not only does a warm-up gradually increase your heart rate, but it can also loosen your muscles and prevent unnecessary injuries.

If you don't warm up properly, you increase the pressure on your joints, which can lead to tension, stiffness or a painful injury. In addition, if you don't warm up if you have stiff muscles, your joint pain will increase and reduce your overall performance.

Listen to your body

Don't let your competitive side get in the way of your health or future sportive goals. Pushing yourself too hard increases the risk of a strain, joint dislocation, or other painful injury.

When you experience pain during a training or workout, you should stop as soon as possible and let your body rest. If the problem persists, see a doctor to discuss the injury and find the best treatments or products to relieve the complaint and prevent permanent damage.

Don't forget to stretch

In addition to warming up your body before a training or competition, you should also not forget to stretch. Although it is tempting to skip this step and shorten your workout, it is wise to do it. This prevents unnecessary pain and injuries.

Aim to stretch each muscle group after a game, workout, or exercise, spending about 20 to 30 seconds per muscle group.

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