Heel Lifts

What is a heel lift?

A heel lift is a piece of insole that you can place in your shoe to correct leg length difference or pelvic instability. If you have a leg length difference of up to 1.5 cm, it is possible to correct the difference with a heel lift. Is the length difference bigger? Then it is better to have the shoe raised at the sole. Heel lifts are available in different sizes and materials, including foam, silicone and cork. They can be cut to size to fit different types of shoes, such as sports shoes, hiking boots, boots and even high heels.

What are the benefits of heel lifts?

There are several advantages to wearing a heel lift in your shoe. We list some of them for you below.

  1. The shock impact on your body is cushioned
  2. The elevation can be used for leg length difference and Achilles tendon problems
  3. The heel lift is easy to attach to the shoe due to the self-adhesive underlay
  4. The ankle angle is reduced so that the Achilles tendon and calf muscles are less stressed

What can you use it for?

A heel lift can be used for various reasons, such as:

  1. Leg length difference: when there is a difference in length between the two legs, a heel lift can help compensate for this difference and keep the body balanced. A leg length difference may be due to congenital defects or broken bones.
  2. Foot problems: a heel elevation can also be used to relieve various foot problems, such as flat feet, heel spur, plantar fasciitis, arthritis and other conditions. The elevation can help reduce pressure on the foot and relieve pain.
  3. Posture correction: heel raises can also be used to improve posture and reduce pressure on the knees and back. For example, it can help keep the spine straight and the body in proper alignment.
  4. Also, if you suffer from an Achilles tendon injury, it is advisable to use a heel lift. Make sure you wear the heel lift in both shoes. This will prevent pelvic misalignment.

Want to buy heel lifts?

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