Compression Socks Running

Why choose Running Compression Socks?

Running compression socks have no seams at the toe and heel. This makes running compression socks very pleasant to wear. A major advantage of running compression socks is that it ensures better blood circulation to the calfs and shins. As a runner you reduce the risk of cramping and/or muscle strain. The running compression socks help to support the foot and ankle.

Choose between tubes or socks?

Compression socks are tight sports socks with compression effect on the foot, ankle and lower leg. The pressure (compression) that the stockings exert is very favorable for runners. The blood flow to the heart is stimulated by the running compression socks. Waste is disposed quicker and better. Runners experience less straining of the muscles, acidification of the muscles and injuries by wearing the running compression socks.

Runners wear running compression socks during running and after training. Wearing compression socks after running and training expedites recovery. Runners and joggers who wear compression socks for a few hours after training experience less muscle pain in their lower legs the next day. Due to the compression socks, you will recover optimally and you can run pain-free again.

Running Compression Tubes

Compression tubes are to be used during running only, and never afterwards. Compression tubes have no foot end making them unfit to use after training. Because there is no compression effect on the foot, moisture can be retained in the foot after running, which is not desirable. That's why runners have to take off the compression tubes after training. A tube is cheaper than compression stockings. If you're a runner which prefers running without socks, but who still desires compression, then compression tubes are perfect for you!