5 tips for maintaining your support stockings
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5 tips for maintaining your support stockings

Support stockings are needed when you suffer from varicose veins or oedema. They improve blood circulation and provide support to your legs. If you use your compression stockings properly and maintain them properly, they will last longer. Proper care and maintenance of compression stockings is therefore essential. If you do not do this or do not do it properly, the stockings are more likely to show wear or break. Below, we give you some tips on how to maintain your compression stockings so that they will last as long as possible.

Tip 1:

Washing your support stockings is essential. This not only ensures that the stockings stay nice and fresh, but also makes them last longer! Because compression stockings are so close to the skin, they absorb perspiration and skin fat. This causes wear and tear on the stocking. Regular washing in turn ensures that these skin fats are removed, and your support stocking is clean and fresh again! Wash the stockings daily in soapy water or in the washing machine at 40 degrees. Preferably, do this in the evening. Take care not to use fabric softener or bleach, and do not wring or spin the stockings. Leave them to air dry overnight, and you can wear them straight away in the morning.

Tip 2:

If you wear closed-toe compression stockings, it is incredibly important to take good care of your toenails. Hooked nails or sharp edges can cause holes in the stockings. Cut your toenails short and pay close attention to any hooks. This will make the stockings last longer.

Tip 3:

Drying your compression stockings properly is also incredibly important. Support stockings should not be tumble-dried. Wringing out the stockings is also highly discouraged. What is best for the socks is to push away excess water between two towels and then let them dry. Be careful not to put them on the heater or hang them in direct sunlight.

Tip 4:

Preferably, never put on the compression stockings with your bare hands. Use gloves or an applicator. If you try to put on the stockings with your bare hands, you may break the stocking or catch a nail.

Tip 5:

Preferably wash your compression stockings with a detergent specially developed for this purpose. This preserves the elasticity of the stockings and ensures that they wear less quickly. With these tips, your compression stockings are sure to remain of excellent quality and have a long lifespan. At Podobrace, we have a wide range of compression stockings in different pressure classes.

If you are looking for pressure class 1 compression stockings, we can best recommend the Dunimed Premium Comfort Compression Stockings. These are great for improving blood circulation and for swollen ankles and heavy, tired legs.

If you are looking for pressure class 2 compression stockings, we can best recommend the Dunimed Premium Comfort Compression Stockings Pressure Class 2. These compression stockings prevent a heavy and tired feeling in the legs and are used for thrombosis and incipient or moderate varicose veins.

For chronic and severe complaints, we recommend pressure class 3 compression stockings. Dunimed Premium Comfort Compression Stockings Pressure Class 3 are recommended for chronic complaints such as thrombosis and severe oedema.

For questions about the right compression stockings, you can always contact our customer service team. They will provide you with expert advice and help you along the way. They can be reached by phone, email or live chat.

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