5 tips for putting on your support stockings
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5 tips for putting on your support stockings

Putting on support stockings is seen by many people as an annoying and difficult job. Putting them on is often difficult and requires help from, for example, a district nurse or someone close to you. Understandably, you would rather not ask people close to you to help you put on support stockings. Here are 5 tips to make putting them on easier!

Tip 1:

Make sure your legs are thoroughly dry. Of course, it is great to put on your compression stockings after a hot shower, but the damp skin will make putting them on extremely difficult. It is therefore wise to put on the stockings when your legs are thoroughly dry. Also, do not apply body lotion to your legs to soften them. The lotion will affect the fabric of the compression stockings.

Tip 2:

The support stocking is easiest to put on when your legs are least swollen. It is therefore advisable to put on the support stocking in the morning when you are still in bed. Your legs will be the least swollen in the morning. If you put on your stockings while standing, there is a risk of falling. Try putting them on while lying down or, if you feel more comfortable, sitting on a chair. Make sure you avoid walking without support stockings as much as possible; this will cause fluid to accumulate again immediately. And this then complicates putting on the stocking again.

Tip 3:

Handle your compression stockings with care. It can be incredibly frustrating when you don't get the stockings on right away. You are probably tempted to pull hard on the stocking in the hope that it will quickly close around your foot. However, try to avoid this. By pulling on the support stocking, it loses its elasticity, and you will need to buy new stockings sooner.

Tip 4:

Use a tool. Asking for help is difficult for many people. You don't want to depend on a district nurse or a family member to help you put on your compression stockings. This is why, at Podobrace, we have a handy aid available with which you can easily put on and take off the stockings.

Tip 5:

The last tip is perhaps the most important; get the right size. And it is not just the right size that is important; the pressure class is also essential. Support stockings that are too tight will cause pressure spots and wounds, and stockings that are too loose will not do their job properly. On our website, you will find different compression stockings, where we always mention the pressure class. We also indicate with each product the best way to measure your feet and calves and to link the right size of stockings to it. This means you will always order the correct compression stocking. In the unlikely event that you do need a different size or prefer a different type of support stocking, we will always accept returns or exchanges. You are also always welcome to call us for advice on purchasing your support stockings.

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