Benefits of a gaming chair
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Benefits of a Gaming Chair

As an avid gamer, you obviously want one thing; undisturbed gaming. Not being bothered by your parents nagging at your head that you've been gaming for far too long, or that your food is ready. Or friends who call you to ask you if you want to play a game of football. Or getting bothered by your muscles and joints from growing painful because of prolonged sitting during a gaming session. Unfortunately, we can't help you with everything, but we can help you with the last problem! By sitting on the right gaming chair, a whole new world will open for you. No longer wish to be bothered by your back getting sore or your arms getting stiff? Then keep reading, and we will explain the benefits of a gaming chair.


Sure, that old worn-out office chair that you got from your father years ago is great for spending a couple of hours in. But not days in a row. And that's precisely what's important. That you can lose yourself in a good gaming session without being bothered. Just leaving reality for what it is and being taken into a fantasy world. But to get that feeling, it is of utter importance that you are seated correctly and comfortably. The gaming chairs from our assortment are adjustable and have a tilt function that ensures that your body keeps moving while sitting. This stimulates the blood circulation and therefore the oxygen supply to your brain. The chair is upholstered with PU Leather and contains a removable lower back and neck cushion. You couldn't be more comfortable! Want to bet?


The most important thing is that your gaming chair is super comfortable. But it has to look good as well. Because how cool will one of our awesome gaming chairs look in your room! Your friends will be jealous seeing you game in an ergonomic game chair which looks spectacular at the same time! Our gaming chairs are available in various designs and colours. You can choose black-gray for a more chic look or, for example, you can choose the more sporty red-black combination.

Maintenance of a gaming chair

Game chairs are super easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. You can wipe it with a (wet) cloth (or let your mother do it) and it's clean again. The gaming chair requires no further maintenance. It has been designed specifically for gaming and will be your most loyal companion for many years.

Improved experience because of a gaming chair

Gaming chairs have many functions, making your gaming experience even better. The Gaming Chair with Tilt Function and Adjustable Armrests not only offers comfort, but will also ensure that you will be seated in the correct posture. The game chairs from our assortment are adjustable and have a tilting mechanism with adjustable resistance.

Due to the ergonomic design of the gaming chair with Tilt Function and Adjustable Armrests, you will be seated comfortable and responsible during long gaming sessions. The gaming chair is adjustable from 16.93 - 20.08 inch (43 - 51 cm) through the gas spring system. The gaming chairs from our assortment are therefore most suitable for people with a minimum length of 1.65 m. By using the button on the bottom of the seat, you can adjust the resistance of the tilting mechanism.

The tilt function ensures that your body keeps moving while sitting. This stimulates the blood circulation and therefore the oxygen supply to your brain. This will make you stay focused during a long gaming session. The tilting resistance is set correctly if the chair tilts back when you let your arms hang and comes forward when you move your arms again.

After reading all these benefits, it's no surprise that all your doubts are taken away immediately. At Podobrace, we have much different gaming chairs in different editions and colours. So wait no longer and enjoy gaming again!

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