What do i have to pay attention to when buying a knee support
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What do I have to pay attention to when buying a knee support?

Interested in knowing what you have to pay attention to when purchasing a knee support? We have put the six most important points down below.

Woven brace

  1. Is the brace made of natural materials? Is the composition correct?
  2. Check the shape of the brace. If it is cylindrical, then you can assume that the fit is not optimal during exercise and the brace may drop.
  3. The fabric has to be breathable. If you can blow your breath through the fabric, then the brace is sweat wicking.

Sports knee support

  1. The type of knee support you choose, has to be suitable for your complaints. For the knee joint, there are many braces that are suitable for many complaints. When experiencing instability, we have specific braces that contain a kneecap enclosing gel cushion pad that keeps the kneecap in place.
  2. Comfort: it's critical that the brace feels comfortable on your skin, and it doesn't start irritating. If it does start to irritate, you will take it off faster and this won't benefit the healing process.
  3. Proper moisture transport: if you do an intensive sport, proper moisture transport is essential. Otherwise, the brace will quickly feel uncomfortable because all the moisture will accumulate in the brace.

Questions regarding purchasing a knee support? Please don't hesitate to contact our support team via live chat, telephone and email.

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