calf pain after running
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Calf pain after running

Calf pain after running is a common running injury. Symptoms can range from mild stiffness to severe muscle tears. In this blog, we will tell you more about the possible causes and how to prevent the pain in the future.

What causes pain in your calves after running?

Usually, pain in the calves after running is caused by overexertion. A contraction of the muscle tissue of one or more calf muscles then occurs. This causes the calf to harden. Often, this pain lasts only temporarily and is not a cause for concern. A muscle strains or tear can also cause pain in the calf. This can occur on direct impact on the calf. This involves a sharp pain. This is often accompanied by swelling and bruising. Furthermore, tendons, blood flow or nerve irritations can cause calf pain.

The most common calf problems

There are several pain symptoms you can experience in the calf after running. We will name the most common complaints:

Preventing calf pain after running

If you often suffer from calf pain after running, it is wise to work on prevention. There are a number of things you can do to prevent injury:

Wear a calf support

A calf brace can be worn as a result of whiplash or overuse. This brace improves circulation in the calf muscles. This reduces pain, and you will heal faster from your symptoms. Moreover, you can also wear a calf brace while running. If you suffer from mild calf pain while running, it reduces the pain. This allows you to resume running without complaints.

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