can you use a gaming chair as an office chair
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Can you use a gaming chair as an office chair?

Buying a gaming chair is often not cheap. But office chairs come in different, and therefore cheaper, varieties. Can a gaming chair also be used as an office chair? And what exactly are the differences? We'll go deeper into it in this blog!

Comfort of a gaming chair

As mentioned, buying a gaming chair is a significant expense. But you do spend a lot of time on it. Comfort is therefore essential. A gaming chair has a seat with the sides up. This is also called a bucket seat. The sides of an ergonomic office chair are usually flat. This creates more movement.

There is also a difference in the backrests. The backrest of the gaming chair can often be fully reclined. Ideal when you are gaming! But you don't need this function for your work. Working in a lying position is not conducive to your performance and is generally not done. Most gaming chairs are also equipped with head and lumbar cushions. These are removable and help to keep the body in a straight, neutral position.

Appearance of the chair

And then there is the look. Gaming chairs are not only super-comfortable, but they also look incredibly cool. They come in different colour combinations and all kinds of materials. For the real enthusiasts, they also come with lights! Well, at least office chairs don't have that.

Can gaming chairs be used as office chairs?

But can gaming chairs be used as office chairs? We would rather not. At least not if you have to sit on your office chair for very long hours. Because the gaming chair has a bucket seat, it causes the spinal column to be placed in a C-shaped position. Eventually, this is not pleasant for the back and can cause back problems. So, although you can sit in it and be extremely comfortable, it is still a good idea to choose an office chair if you will be working at your desk for hours on end. Because the seat of an office chair is flat, your body takes on a much better posture.

Do you still have questions about our gaming chairs? Then don't hesitate to contact our customer service. They will be happy to give you all the information you need.

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