care and maintenance of a wrist brace
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Care and maintenance of a wrist brace

A wrist brace can be an effective way to support and protect your wrist in the event of an injury or condition. To ensure that your wrist brace continues to function properly, it is important to care for and maintain it properly. Below, we give you some tips for caring and maintaining your wrist brace.

How do you maintain a wrist brace?

A wrist brace is often worn intensively, so it can quickly become dirty and wear out. If you maintain the brace correctly, you will enjoy it for as long as possible and be able to wear it for longer. Read our tips below:


Most wrist braces can be washed in the washing machine. Follow the instructions on the packaging or label to determine the best way to wash your wrist brace. Always use a neutral detergent and avoid bleach or other harsh detergents.


Your wrist brace should be dried thoroughly before using it again. Hang the brace to dry or use a soft towel to dry it off. Do not dry the brace in the dryer, as this can damage the elastic properties of the material.


Store your wrist brace in a clean, dry place. Make sure the brace is not exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture. This will cause faster wear and tear.

Tips for caring for your wrist brace

In addition to the above points, there are a number of other things that are important when wearing a wrist brace. For example, it is important to regularly check the brace for damage or wear and replace it when necessary. If the wrist brace isn't dirty, you can clean it with a soft cloth and water. But always carefully read the instructions on the packaging or label. This is because some wrist braces cannot be washed.

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