cheap gaming chair or expensive gaming chair
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Cheap Gaming Chair or expensive Gaming Chair?

Sure, you want to avoid spending too much money on a gaming chair. We understand that very well. Game chairs come in a myriad of price categories, and it is very difficult to determine if the price/quality ratio is good. How can you see the difference between a good game chair, which isn't too expensive or overpriced, and faulty game chairs? Below, we will give you a number of details that you can pay attention to when looking for a game chair.

Base of your gaming chair

Most game chairs have a base that's made of nylon or hard plastic. The entire weight of the gaming chair rests on the base. This is why a base made of Aluminium or Steel is recommendable. This will ensure you of a solid base.


Gaming chairs made of hard plastic won't properly carry the weight of the gamer for long. When used intensively, the chair will collapse, which is incredibly bad for your posture and back! High-quality game chairs are made with a Steel frame on the inside.


The armrests of your gaming chair are essential! They must fit perfectly under your desk, and high-quality game chairs have adjustable armrests that can even be turned in multiple directions. This will assure you that you're positioned correctly and that you will enjoy your game to the fullest.


Even the wheels have to be made of high-quality materials. The full weight of the gamer, including the weight of the chair, is carried by the wheels. This is why you should always choose a gaming chair with reinforced wheels. They will carry the weight perfectly and prevent sagging of the chair.

Finishing materials of your gaming chair

Most game chairs are often finished with poor materials. This causes the upholstery to wear very fast. A game chair with upholstery made of poor fake leather will give little comfort, making your gaming experience much less pleasant.

If you buy one of Podobrace's gaming chairs, you will be assured of the best quality for the best price. Our gaming chairs are made exclusively from high-quality materials and provided with soft, precisely fitting cushions that offer you the right support and ensure optimal comfort. We also have swivel chairs with the necessary extras when it comes to comfort, such as an extra neck support and additional cushions in your back. It won't matter which game chair you decide to buy, you will always be assured of proper support, and we can guarantee that you will have hours of gaming fun!

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