ergonomics and physical activity at work
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Ergonomics and physical activity at work

In an era when many people spend long hours behind a desk, it is essential to pay attention to both ergonomics and physical activity in the workplace. Long days are not only spent in the office. After the working day is over, people often join the table for dinner, only to belly up on the sofa and watch an exciting film or series. This is not conducive to the body and mind. It is incredibly important to exercise as much as possible, and preferably while working. Now, it is difficult to do this when you have a sedentary job, but it is still possible. Below, we give you some tips and exercises to counteract long sitting and encourage exercise.

Shoulders raise

This simple exercise relaxes the shoulder and neck muscles. Pull the shoulders up and hold for five seconds. Inhale when pulling up and out when releasing. Repeat this exercise five times in a row and do it several times a day.

Twist the spine

Being in the same position for a long time while working, it is very nice to stretch the back sometimes. And you can do this in the following way

Tighten gluteal muscles

This exercise is easy to perform while seated, and you can really do it all day. Tighten the glutes for 5 to 10 seconds and then relax again. This exercise promotes good circulation and combats muscle acidification.

Twisting the wrists and ankles

For those who have to type a lot at work, this exercise is ideal. It is simple but very effective. Rotate your wrists in circles. Ten times to the left and ten times to the right. You can also do this with your ankles. Again, you can do this 10 times with your ankle.

Pulling with your hands

Grasp your hands together so that one thumb points up and the other up. Then pull the hands apart hard but keep them in one place. Hold this for ten seconds, relax, and then do it again. Repeat this exercise five times.

Strengthening the neck

The following exercise is perfect for strengthening the neck. Press on your forehead with your palm and counter-press with your head. Or reverse it: keep your hand on the back of your head and then push backwards. Hold this for 5 seconds and then relax again.


If you do these exercises daily during work, you will find you get much more energy, and this in turn improves productivity. Buying an ergonomic chair can also help reduce complaints and make you feel fitter again. An ergonomic office chair prevents back pain and improves sitting posture.

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