everything about elbow protectors
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Everything about elbow protectors

There are many elbow protectors for different sports. They offer you protection when you fall, and prevent you from getting abrasions or fractures. A fractured elbow is extremely painful and annoying, and in most cases, surgery has to be done immediately. An elbow protector is mostly used in the following sports: Handball, Hockey, Rugby, Ice Skating, Football, Roller skating and Volleyball. Wearing an elbow protector around the elbow not only prevents abrasions, but will also offer pain relief when suffering from various disorders like Osteoarthritis and Bursitis.

Elbow protectors come in many variants. They are available as sleeves, protective pads and shirts. Below, we will explain what exactly the differences are, and how they work.


A sleeve will improve the blood circulation and offer compression. Wearing a protection sleeve will also optimize the fluid transport, and it is quick-drying. An elbow sleeve feels very comfortable and prevents irritation. It's usually available in many colours, so you can match it with your outfits! An elbow sleeve is perfect for use during trainings and matches!

Protective padding

The elbow protector with padding is entirely different from a sleeve. This protector is equipped with pads that offer optimal protection against contusions, falling, abrasions, and even inflammations. Protective padding is perfect when you're looking for sturdy protection for your elbow.

Protective shirts

And then you have elbow protector shirts. These shirts are not only equipped with padding around the elbow, but also the shoulders and other vital body parts. The protective shirt not only offers optimal protection, but the patented Hex-technology also ensures that your body is cooled in warm conditions, and warmed in cooled conditions.

Wearing elbow protectors is highly recommended by many physiotherapists and professional athletes. It offers the best possible protection when practising sports. For a full overview of our elbow protectors, you can click here.

Still have questions about our elbow protectors after reading our blog? Or feel the need for personal advice on which protector is best for your situation? Please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. This team consists of specialists that will give you the best advice, and help you with making the right decision.

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