Everything about hip protectors
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Everything about hip protectors

At Podobrace, we have selected a number of different hip protectors for you. They are available in many variants, and can be used for many purposes. Every hip protector is different! We have hip protectors for sale that can only be used when practising sports. There are also hip protectors available that will offer support and protection for the elderly and disabled.

What's a hip protector?

A hip protector is a short with protection elements fabricated into the shorts. Wearing these shorts will prevent injuries that might be sustained when practising sports, but they can also be used by the elderly as protection for brittle bones. The protection pads that are fabricated in these shorts, are made of Polyethylene (PE) foam, making sure they offer maximum support while still feeling very comfortable. The shorts are made in such a way that they can be worn underneath your regular clothing easily.

How many hip protectors are there?

As said before, there are hip protectors that are specifically designed for sports, and hip protectors that are specifically designed for the elderly and disabled.


Wearing a hip protector while practising sports will reduce, and possibly prevent, sustaining fractures and other injuries. The shorts are lightweight, and because of the special structure, it warms the muscles while simultaneously absorbing sweat, making sure your skin will always feel dry. So, there are many benefits that can be named when it comes to wearing a hip protector during sportive activities.

For the elderly

For the elderly, it is highly recommended to wear a hip protector. The shorts are easy to put on and wear under your regular clothing, and they will ensure that your hips are optimally protected. As you grow older, your bones will become more brittle. This will increase the chance of sustaining a fracture after a fall. A hip protector will offer support and protection in such a situation.

Why buy a hip protector?

In some sports, the risk of falling is higher than with other sports. Therefore, we can recommend wearing shorts with hip protection in them. These shorts often offer more than just protection. They regulate fluid disposal, keeping your skin dry. They also regulate your body temperature, making sure you feel cool in hot circumstances, and the other way around.

As you can read, wearing a hip protector is an absolute must! Not just for the fanatic athletes, but also for the elderly among us. These shorts will offer you maximum protection and wearing comfort when wearing them. For a full overview of all our hip protectors, you can click here.

Still have questions after reading our blog? Or feel the need for additional information on which shorts fit you best? Please don't hesitate to contact us via phone, e-mail or live-chat. Our customer service team is always willing to help you with tailor-made advice!

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