everything about plantar fasciitis insoles
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Everything about plantar fasciitis insoles

With plantar fasciitis, you experience pain under your heel while standing and walking. This is because the wide tendon that runs under your foot hurts. This is caused by calcification. Heel spur is also known as tendinitis. It is a common condition; more than 10% of people have suffered from it at some point. It is more common in women than in men.

What are Plantar Fasciitis insoles?

Heel spur is very painful and annoying. To treat these symptoms, you can opt for the use of heel spur insoles. These insoles are available in different varieties. There are actual insoles for in your shoes, but also heel spur socks. These insoles provide extra cushioning so that the heel is better supported while walking. This in turn relieves the pain. The insoles also compensate for foot deformities.

When do you wear Plantar Fasciitis insoles?

It is recommended to wear heel spur insoles if you suffer from heel spur or other foot deformities. The insoles provide extra cushioning while walking or playing sports, or in everyday use. As a result, the heel is well-supported and less stressed. This will reduce pain.

Can I wear these insoles in every shoe?

Heel spur insoles are available in complete insoles and half insoles. In terms of function, there is no difference between the insoles, it is just what you find comfortable yourself. The insoles are suitable for any shoe. So, you can wear them to work, or for sports or leisure. The insoles fit all types of shoes, including boots and heeled shoes.

Do you still have questions about using the insoles? Then you can get expert advice on our site by phone, e-mail or in the live chat.

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