Everything about ski socks
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Everything about ski socks

Bright blue skies, fresh crisp snow, smooth slopes. The Wintersport season is almost there! How great would it be to travel to a wintersport location with your friends and family, and really dive into wintersport vibe. Besides the anticipation, getting your gear right is also essential. Think of skiing socks, for example. If you step onto the slopes without the right socks, you won't be skiing comfortable. This is why this blog focuses on ski socks!

What are good skiing socks?

Skiing takes up most of your day. Making this activity very intense for your feet. This is why wearing skiing socks is essential. But what are good skiing socks? Good skiing socks have excellent isolation. Having warm feet when skiing is essential. It's also important that the socks dispose fluid to prevent that your socks will get wet after wearing them for so long.


Wearing socks with a perfect fit is also essential when skiing. It's a bit of an open door, but always make sure that you buy the correct size socks. If they are but a bit too big, they will cause friction in your shoes. Good skiing socks also have padding at fragile points like the ankle, heel, toes, and shin. These points demand extra protection when you're going down the slopes.


Cotton skiing socks are to be avoided at all times. Cotton socks don't dry that quickly, causing moist feet, which in turn causes blisters. The skiing socks of Podobrace are made of Polyamide, Elastane and Polyester. This ensures elasticity, a perfect fit and dry feet!

Tips for skiing socks

Though you are most likely to choose thick socks, we can recommend you to choose the more thin variant. The thinner socks take up less space in your skiing shoes, making skiing easier than with thick socks. Some people also decide to wear two pairs of socks over each other for additional warmth. Don't do this! Big chance that the socks will start to slide off your feet, causing friction that will cause irritation and blisters.

For our skiing socks, you can click here. Still have additional questions? Please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. Our team consists of specialists that are more than happy to help to advise you.

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