Everything you want to know about a knee brace
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Everything you want to know about a knee brace

Many people wear a knee brace for support and stability for various types of injuries. Wearing a knee brace can raise quite a few questions. In this blog, we have a closer look at the comfort and side effects of wearing a knee brace. Read on quickly below.

Does wearing a knee brace affect the mobility of my knee joint?

Wearing a knee brace definitely affects the mobility of your knee joint. Wearing a knee brace can affect the mobility of the knee joint, depending on the type of brace and the reason why it is worn. A soft knee brace offers little support and therefore has little impact on mobility. If you opt for a semi-rigid knee brace, you will have more support than a soft brace. A rigid brace offers the most support and therefore also has the greatest impact on knee mobility.

Are there any movements I should avoid while wearing a knee brace?

There are no movements that are harmful while wearing a knee brace. However, it is important to make sure that movements should not hurt. It is also best to avoid movements that can damage the brace and movements that can aggravate injuries.

Are there any side effects I may experience while wearing a knee brace?

There are almost no side effects. Skin irritation can occur if the brace is too tight or if you are hypersensitive to the material the brace is made of. Friction can also occur on the skin when the brace slides. This means that the brace is not fastened correctly.

Can I wear the knee brace throughout the day?

The vast majority of braces should be worn mainly during the day. We always recommend taking the brace off at night, as this allows the joint to rest. However, there are specific braces where it is wise to wear the brace both during the day and at night. Braces for the wrist and thumb are an example of this. You do this to avoid making incorrect movements, even at night. A good example is the brace for carpal tunnel syndrome. There are also a number of braces that should only be worn at night.

Need more information?

After reading the above information, do you still have questions about using knee support? Then don't hesitate to contact us. It is important that you purchase the right knee brace for your injury. Our highly knowledgeable customer service team is ready to answer all your questions and help you further.

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