Five ways to improve your posture
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Five ways to improve your posture

The way you stand, sit and move, can determine your posture. If you slump when you sit, shrug your shoulders when you walk, or lean when you stand, you increase the strain on your ligaments and muscles and increase your risk of injury. Therefore, it is good to consciously work on improving your posture. When you are aware that you are slouching, bent, or walking the wrong way, you need to work on your posture. Not only will it improve your appearance, but it can also increase your body's strength, balance, and flexibility. Below, we have put down five tips to improve your posture:

1. Buy a posture corrector

If you slump or lean forward with your shoulders or neck when using a computer, or are aware that you have poor posture when sitting or walking, a posture corrector is an ideal choice. A clavicle support can address your postural problems and prevent unnecessary pain in your back, shoulders or neck. In addition, no one will know that you are wearing it, as it is not visible under your clothing, and it's very comfortable to wear. A posture corrector is suitable for both men and women and can prevent slumping when walking and sitting and reduce the risk of clavicle fractures. It is the perfect support to quickly and easily improve your posture.

2. Sit close to your steering wheel

Many drivers recline their seats when on the road, as this could improve their immediate comfort during a long drive. However, pushing your chair back isn't good for your posture. Avoid pain and discomfort by pulling your seat close to the steering wheel. Also, avoid locking your legs and try to bend your knees slightly.

3. Start wearing specialized insoles

Believe it or not, your insoles can affect your posture as they can provide shock absorption, comfort and support. If you're struggling with poor posture or an injury, you can solve the problem by adding customized insoles to your shoes. They can improve your posture and relieve symptoms that can influence how you walk, run or stand, which is why they are perfect for those who play one or more sports.

4. Stop wearing high heels

Wearing high heels might look pretty, and they add quite a few centimetres to your height, but they are disastrous for your posture. Stilettos force the base of the spine forward, and this puts extra pressure on your knees. Because this can change your spinal position, it will increase the pressure on your nerves, leading to back pain. If you can't say goodbye to your heels, wear a lower, thicker heel for more support.

5. Change your sleeping habits

If your mattress is soft or saggy, it's time to replace it as it can alter your posture. Replace your soft, sagging mattress with a firm one. It provides support while you sleep as it supports the natural shape of your spine. Do you prefer to sleep on your back? Then exchange your thick pillow for a thinner orthopedic pillow.

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