Foot complaints
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Foot complaints

Foot and ankle pains are common. Not surprising when you consider that the foot has 26 bones and 33 joints, surrounded by a web of muscle tissue and nerves. With every step, we exert a force of 2 to 3 times our body weight on our feet and ankles.

With an average of about 7,500 steps a day, it is quite logical that many people experience complaints. To optimally support the ankle, Podobrace has a selection of today's very best ankle braces.

What are foot complaints?

Foot complaints mainly present themselves in the form of pain, but also tingling, prickling or other sensations. The cause of foot complaints usually lies in incorrect footwear, overuse, obesity or an incorrect position of the foot. In the case of an incorrect foot position, Podobrace has the very best (sports) insoles available today.

Different types of foot pain

When looking at pain symptoms around the foot, there are different types of foot pain.

Pain in the front of the foot

Pain in the front of the foot usually occurs in the form of pain in the joints of the toes, the front of the instep or pain under the ball of the foot. The most common pain complaints on the front of the foot are, pain under the ball of the foot, a fractured metatarsal, pain due to a corn, pain due to hallux valgus or pain due to hammer toes. To identify the right cause for the pain, it is advisable to visit a podiatrist. To promote the recovery process, Podobrace offers the best insoles available today.

Upper foot pain

With pain on the upper side of the foot, it usually stems from complaints such as a broken metatarsal or osteoarthritis in the metatarsal. With osteoarthritis, you may feel a thickening on the instep as the quality of cartilage deteriorates. Furthermore, the combination of a hollow foot and a shoe that is too tight causes annoying pain. To treat these complaints, Podobrace insoles offer the right support.

Lower foot pain

The bottom of the foot faces a lot of friction and pressure. Stabbing pain under the foot can indicate heel spur, but pain under the big toe joint can also cause pain symptoms. For the treatment of these complaints, Podobrace offers the best insoles of the moment.

Pain on the inside of the foot

Many different pain symptoms occur on the inside of the foot. For example, you may suffer from tingling, swelling or radiating pain. Common complaints on the inside of the foot are hallux valgus, heel spur or overuse. You can also experience radiating pain on the inside of the ankle due to tarsal tunnel syndrome. For these complaints, Podobrace offers the best insoles and ankle braces. In addition, we offer the right support for heel spur and the best splints for hallux valgus.

Pain on the outside of the foot

Pain on the outside of the foot can be perceived as annoying, as this part of the foot regularly contacts the shoe while walking. This creates pressure and friction. Common complaints located on the outside of the foot are corns or a hardened lump on the side of the foot. These complaints can be remedied with Podobrace insoles.

Besides pain in the foot, there are many other complaints that do not hurt, but can be experienced as annoying. For example, you can also suffer from sweaty feet and winter feet.

Treatment of foot complaints

For over 30 years, our Podopostural practice has specialized in remedying, preventing or alleviating foot pain. How? By using the best, most efficient and effective (sports) insoles and (sports) braces on the market, selected with the most optimal care from a huge range of offerings. All our products and insoles have been extensively tested over the years in our practice and by top athletes. With more than 30 years of experience and knowledge (from different perspectives), we can confirm the optimal quality and function of all our products.

In addition, our Podopostural therapists specialize in remedying various complaints arising from a more complicated problem using our individually adapted insoles. At our Podopostural practice in Volendam, with our background in various medical disciplines, measurements and screening of the entire musculoskeletal system, we have been helping patients get rid of their foot complaints for many years. This is because our individually adapted (sports) insoles have a direct effect on muscle chains, changing body posture and making your foot complaints disappear.

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