How long do I have to wear a wrist support
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How long do I have to wear a wrist support?

How long you have to wear a wrist support depends on the seriousness of your complaints, though it is important to know how long or when best to wear your brace. As you want to avoid wearing the brace for too short a period of time. We, at Podobrace, have put our answers down below.


When it comes to an injury, we always advise wearing a support until the injury is over. If you stop wearing the brace while still injured, there's a big possibility that the injury may come back or won't fully heal.

Chronic complaints

When it comes to chronic complaints, you are supposed to wear a wrist support as much as possible, while undertaking daily activities. You don't have to wear the brace for 24 hours straight, but it is recommended to wear it during most activities. You can decide yourself which activities you wear your wrist brace.

Wrist support worn at night

Almost all of our wrist supports have to be worn during the day. We always recommend taking the brace off during the night to give the wrist joint rest. However, there are braces that can be worn during the day and at night. Thumb and wrist support, for example. You put on the brace at night, to prevent yourself from making wrong moves while asleep, and suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, for example. You also have wrist supports that are supposed to be worn only at night.

Questions about the duration of wearing a wrist support? Our team is ready to help you with professional advice via live chat, telephone and e-mail.

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