how long to rest when suffering from a runners knee
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How long to rest when suffering from a runner's knee?

If you are diagnosed with a runner's knee, it is important that you rest. This will speed up the recovery of your knee and enable you to resume your work and daily activities quickly. But how long should you rest exactly? And how does a runner's knee develop? In this blog, we tell you more about it!

What's a runner's knee?

A runner's knee is also called iliotibial band syndrome. This is an overuse injury to the outside of the knee. This injury is common among runners, cyclists and walkers. A runner's knee causes a stabbing pain on the outside of the knee. In some cases, the knee becomes red, swollen and feels warm.

How does a runner's knee develop?

A runner's knee has various causes. We list some of them for you below:

How long is it best to rest for faster recovery?

If you have been diagnosed with a runner's knee, it is important that you rest well. Your knee is overused and can only heal properly if you take it easy. Keep 4 to 6 weeks of rest for a successful recovery. Running is completely out of the question during these weeks, as are other running sports. Failure to do so will only delay your recovery.

A runner's knee has three stages:

It is important to intervene in time. If you are in stage 1, take immediate action to have the runner's knee treated. If, for whatever reason, you wait until you are at stage 3, it can take months to recover.

Wearing a knee brace will also help you during the recovery process. A knee brace provides support and pressure comfortably. The brace keeps the muscles warm and improves blood circulation. In the case of a runner's knee, wearing a knee brace with protection level 1 is sufficient. Do you have any questions about wearing a knee brace? Then please contact our customer service department. They consist of a team of medical specialists and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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