How to use a leg pillow
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How to use a leg pillow

No matter the cause, or nature of your complaints, a leg pillow can relieve your complaints during the night, whether it concerns back, hip, knee or neck complaints.

The number of people who go to sleep with neck-, back-, hip- or knee pain has increased explosively. These complaints can have a number of causes. Mostly, an incorrect working and/or sleeping posture can be blamed for these complaints. Because people that work in an office spend hours in the wrong position, this can lead to severe pain complaints. Even when you're sleeping, an incorrect posture can lead to a decreased sleep quality, and increase your complaints.

What exactly is a leg pillow?

A leg pillow is an ergonomically shaped pillow that is specially made to be placed between the knees while sleeping. Many people have tried the concept of a leg pillow when they experience complaints. They then place normal pillows and blankets between their knees while sleeping to improve their lying position and reduce their neck, back or knee pain.

However, these blankets and pillows are clumsy, and do not help to improve your posture optimally and reduce complaints. Such a pillow shapes itself to your legs, it stays in place while you sleep, helping to improve your posture optimally and reduce your complaints.

How long will it last before I start to notice the benefits of a leg pillow?

A special pillow for between the legs can be used the entire night without any problems. Even when you turn in your sleep a lot, such a pillow won't bother you and after a little getting used to, you won't experience much discomfort. Research has indicated that most people who used a leg pillow, started to notice the positive effect of a such a pillow after a week of using it.

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