the importance of working ergonomically
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The importance of working ergonomically

In these troubled times, in which working from home is still the advice, the importance of working ergonomically is still of great importance. Ergonomics is adapting the working environment to benefit the employees. Loosely translated, this means adopting the right posture at work and taking enough breaks throughout the day. This is not just invented, but is even included in the law! This states that 'unless this cannot reasonably be required, workplaces are furnished in accordance with economic principles.'

At Podobrace, the well-being of people comes first! That is why we also have a wide range of products in our range that help you maintain a correct working posture, to work ergonomically. Find out which they are:

Working ergonomically with the following items:

Working ergonomically is essential, but the right equipment has to be obtained to achieve it. Below you will find some equipment that can help you work more ergonomically:

Ergonomic Mouse Pad

An ergonomic mouse pad offers optimal support to the wrists, and can be used when suffering from complaints like RSI, overuse, and CTS. The mouse pad can also be used when suffering from Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Tendonitis.

Desk footrest

By using an ergonomic desk footrest, you will give your feet a rest and improve blood circulation. The desk footrest is tiltable and provided with an anti-slip layer. Because of this layer, your feet won't slip and remain in place. Tip: While working, stretch your legs regularly. This keeps the blood flow going and prevents tiredness. Using a desk footrest helps to work more ergonomically.

Keyboard wrist rest

A keyboard wrist rest is a comfortable pillow on which you can let your wrists rest while you're using your keyboard. This ensures that you adopt a better posture. Using a keyboard wrist rest ensures a natural positioning of the arms and wrists, decreasing the chance of sustaining injuries.

Vertical mouse

Working ergonomically is also essential when using your mouse. A vertical mouse has two buttons and a scrolling wheel. This improves the vertical position of the wrist, hand, arm and fingers. The muscle tension in the arm and wrist is reduced when your hand is positioned like this, causing complaints to reduce drastically.

Finally, we have put down a couple of tips below to help you with creating the best working environment for yourself.

Tips for working ergonomically:

Be mindful of taking, and maintaining the right posture when having to sit, or stand, for a longer period of time.

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