Knee complaints
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Knee complaints

Sore knees are a complaint we encounter every day in our practices. We spend a lifetime walking on our legs, but unconsciously treat them carelessly. We 'mistreat' our feet with wrong insoles and wrong footwear, thereby overusing our joints, resulting in knee pain.

What are knee complaints?

With knee pain, you suffer from the knee or the surrounding joints. The cause of knee pain is usually some form of trauma or overuse, but knee pain can also be caused by meniscus problems, a runner's knee, obesity or old age.

Types of knee pain and symptoms

There are many different types of knee complaints. We have further highlighted the most common complaints for you.

Pain in the inside of the knee

Pain in the inside of the knee can be caused by twisting the knee or a sudden fall, for example, but overuse can also cause pain in the inside of the knee. It is often caused by abnormal function of the foot or knee. The most common symptoms of this complaint are an unstable and stiff knee. Swelling or nagging pain may also occur.

Pain on the outside of the knee

Exterior knee pain is often due to trauma or twisting of the knee, but can also be caused by overuse of the knee. Twisting the knee damages the outer meniscus. This causes you to feel pain on the outside of the knee.

Pain in the hollow of the knee

The hollow of the knee contains many attachments of muscles, blood vessels and nerves. Because the points converge there, knee pain can have many causes. The cause may be trauma, overuse or osteoarthritis. In osteoarthritis, the quality of cartilage has deteriorated, causing pain in the joint. When the posterior cruciate ligament in the knee hollow is damaged, you may experience pain in the knee hollow.

Pain in the kneecap

Kneecap pain usually comes from trauma, such as a fracture of the kneecap, dislocation of the kneecap or twisting of the knee. It can also be caused by overuse or an abnormality of the foot or leg. The pain increases with strain, such as climbing stairs, walking or cycling. Bending the knee also becomes painful.

Knee pain can cause annoying symptoms. Examples include osteoarthritis in the knee, a runner's knee, tendinitis in the knee, fluid in the knee, cruciate ligament problems or a fracture in the knee.

Treatment of knee complaints

A visit to the doctor or physiotherapist is a must with this complaint. To give the knee the optimal support, stability, protection and rest before, after or during the problem, buying a knee brace is always the right and safest decision. The brace can also promote healing. It gives the knee maximum support and therefore allows it to be loaded again without damage, making sport and work possible once more. 

With constant overuse of the knee, the cause can also be found lower down. In this case, the cause is, in fact, a flat foot. A flat foot, reinforced by incorrect footwear, can lead to serious knee problems, resulting in a lot of pain. An insole specially designed for flat feet can help.

For over 30 years, our Podopostural practice has specialized in remedying, preventing or alleviating complaints. How? By using the best, most efficient and effective (sports) insoles and (sports) braces on the market, selected with the most optimal care from a huge range of products on offer. All our products and insoles have been extensively tested over the years in our practice and by top athletes. With more than 30 years of experience and knowledge (from different perspectives), we can confirm the optimal quality and function of all our products and (sports) insoles.

In addition, our Podopostural therapists specialize in remedying various complaints arising from a more complicated problem using our individually adapted insoles. At our Podopostural practice in Volendam, with our background in various medical disciplines, measurements and screening of the entire musculoskeletal system, we have been helping patients get rid of their knee problems for many years. This is because our individually adapted (sports) insoles have a direct effect on muscle groups, changing body posture and making your knee problems disappear.

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