Maintaining your gaming chair
Back to blogsWritten on: 2023-04-07

Maintaining your Gaming Chair

You bought a new gaming chair, or you're thinking of buying one. But how do you maintain it? We, at Podobrace, are happy to explain it to you and give you the best tips. Because the better you maintain your game chair, the longer it will last!

The first steps

As a teenager, you'll spend a lot of time in a gaming chair. You have just bought a new game and want to play it until you have achieved everything that can possibly be achieved! But, you have to eat as well. While eating in your game chair, crumbs can end up in the seams of the chair. Along with hair, dust and lint, this can eventually cause damage to the coating.


It is best to remove the hairs, dust and crumbs with a vacuum cleaner. This will suck all the dirt away from your gaming chair immediately, allowing you to be able to go back to gaming instantly!


At Podobrace, we always advise vacuuming your gaming chair once every 3 months (depending on the use). Gaming often? Eat in your game chair regularly? Then it is best to clean it once every month. After all, you want to be able to play as relaxed and long as possible, right?

Benefits of a well-maintained gaming chair

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