maintaining your massage table
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Maintaining your Massage Table

Are you the owner of a brand-new massage table? Or are you planning to buy a new one? Then it's essential to know how to best maintain it. We're happy to give you tips & tricks on our blog.

Maintenance of the upholstery

The maintenance of a massage table is best done with a damp cloth. This will not damage the upholstery of the table. Some cleaning materials can bite through the upholstery, causing the table to wear sooner than usual. It is best to use maintenance cleaner in most cases. You can buy these at various webshops. Spray it on the table a couple of times and then whipe it with a paper towel. In addition, you can also clean the table with green soap. However, do not use too much of that to avoid unexpected damage. You can also use a damp cloth for this. These are the two best ways to clean a massage table.

Frame maintenance

Have an aluminium table? Then you don't really have to worry. You don't need to clean it. Bought a wooden massage table? Then pay close attention to the following points. Make sure to check the screws and hinges once in a while. This is especially important with a foldable massage table. If the legs of the table start to show signs of wear, you can use a walnut. Yes, indeed a walnut. The fats in these nuts ensure that the legs stay well maintained.

Why is it important to maintain your massage table?

Maintenance of the massage table is crucial. First, it must be bacteria-free for the people who are being treated on it. In addition, a well-maintained table lasts much longer. This way, you can continue to enjoy your table for a long time!


It can sometimes happen that a table creaks a little here and there. However, this is not due to poor maintenance. On the contrary, it is often due to the screws. Then check whether they are still firmly attached. In some cases, they need to be smeared with thin oil. Think of WD-40. Note! Do not use silicone detergent on wooden massage tables.

Benefits of a well-maintained massage table

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