measures to prevent a thumb injury
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Measures to prevent a thumb injury

If you play many sports, you obviously don't want to suffer injuries. After all, they are not only painful but also an annoying hindrance to your workouts. Unfortunately, thumb injuries occur regularly. There are a number of measures you can take to prevent thumb injuries as much as possible. We explain below what you can do to prevent thumb injuries as much as possible.

How can you prevent a thumb injury?

Preventing a thumb injury altogether is impossible. But there are some measures you can take to try to counteract it as much as possible. We list them for you below.

Work on your grip strength

If your grip strength is not sufficient, then the thumb gets overused faster. So make sure you make the muscles in the thumbs as strong as possible and strengthen your grip with this. You can train this by doing targeted exercises or by using a stress ball or grip strengthener.

Wear a thumb brace or splint

A number of sports put excessive stress on the thumb and this increases the risk of a thumb injury. Think of volleyball, basketball, boxing or skiing. It is then advisable to wear a thumb brace or thumb splint. They provide extra support to the thumb and reduce the risk of twisting, overstretching or other injuries. Choose a thumb brace that is comfortable and not too tight. This obstructs blood circulation and can be very uncomfortable. Curious about what other benefits wearing a thumb brace offers? Then click here.

Watch your posture and technique

In many sports and daily activities, we unconsciously use our hands and thumbs in the wrong posture. By being aware of your posture and technique, you can often prevent thumb injuries. In sports like tennis, badminton or golf, make sure you have the right grip on the racket to avoid unnecessary pressure on your thumbs. This reduces the chances of thumb injuries.

Give your thumbs plenty of rest

One of the most common causes of a thumb injury is overuse. So give your thumbs sufficient rest by taking regular breaks and stretching your fingers and thumbs from time to time. And above all, listen carefully to your body. Feeling discomfort while exercising or doing an activity? Then stop what you are doing right away and take a break.

Want more information?

As we already let you know in this blog, wearing thumb support is a good measure to prevent injuries. Podobrace has a wide range of thumb braces in different grades and for different types of conditions and injuries. We can imagine that questions still arise after reading this article. You can always contact us with any questions.

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