Neck complaints and neck pain
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Neck complaints and neck pain

Below is an overview of neck pain, cases of neck pain and the corresponding solutions to best prevent and remedy neck pain. Whether it is a headache from the neck, a stiff neck or persistent pain in the neck, Podobrace always has the perfect solution for persistent neck pain!

What are neck complaints?

Neck pain can be perceived as very annoying and can limit your daily activities. Neck pain can also cause headaches and back pain. Neck pain has many different symptoms. Examples include stabbing pain in the neck, dizziness, a numb feeling or a stiff neck. The types of symptoms depend on the cause of neck pain. There are a number of factors that can cause neck pain.

Causes of neck complaints

There are a number of factors that can cause neck pain. The most common neck complaints are listed for you below.

Whiplash caused by an accident

In whiplash, you suffer neck injury due to a sudden movement of the neck. This often happens during a (car) accident. This causes the ligaments and muscles in your neck to stretch. Whiplash causes neck and headache. Furthermore, you may be dizzy or tired. To remedy neck complaints, Podobrace offers suitable neck braces for every complaint.

Neck pain after sleeping

Neck pain due to posture problems is dormant and gradually gets worse. Causes often lie in the professional environment where incorrect sitting or court posture quickly creeps in, but a person can also quickly adopt incorrect posture in everyday life. In addition, a stressful sleeping position or a bad pillow are well-known causes of neck complaints. This is why Podobrace has the very best orthopaedic pillows available. Over the years, the pillows have been extensively tested by our clients and in our practices. And with over 35 years of experience, we can guarantee the optimal quality and function of all our pillows.

Osteoarthritis in the neck

In osteoarthritis of the neck, the cartilage between the vertebrae wears off. This causes an annoying pain in the neck, which limits your daily activities. Osteoarthritis can be hereditary, but can also be caused by overuse of the back and neck. The older you get, the more you will suffer from the deterioration. This will give you symptoms such as stiffness and radiating pain to the arms and shoulders. With osteoarthritis in the neck, it is recommended to wear a neck brace. This provides the right support for the neck.

Sore neck caused by cold wind

A cold wind caused by air conditioning, for example, can cause annoying neck pain. If you sit still for an extended period of time with the cold wind on your neck, muscles contract to constrict blood vessels. This way, heat loss is reduced, keeping the organs at the right temperature. When there is tension on the muscles, you may suffer from a stiff and therefore painful neck. To prevent these neck pains, it is recommended to avoid places with cold draughts and wear warm clothes.

Neck hernia

In a neck hernia, the nerves in the neck are trapped. In the neck, there are intervertebral discs. When these start to bulge, this is called a neck hernia. This bulge presses on the nerves, causing you to experience unpleasant pain. The pain of a neck hernia usually radiates to the arm. In this process, a sharp, cutting pain can be felt up to the hand. Other symptoms include pain in your neck, tingling in your arm and reduced strength in your shoulder and arm. To find out whether you have a neck hernia, a visit to your GP is necessary. The GP will then determine whether surgery is needed or not. For neck hernia recovery, Podobrace offers various neck braces. These will support your neck after surgery, but even when surgery is not chosen, our neck braces offer the right support.

Stress or tension

Neck pain can also have mental causes. For example, stress can be a common cause of neck pain. This is because stress puts tension on all the muscles in your body. The complaints usually surface in the weakest areas of the body. For most people, this is the neck. Neck pain can be treated by a physiotherapist, but also by doing neck exercises yourself. Podobrace neck braces also provide the right support for neck complaints.

What to do against neck pain?

In cases of moderate to severe neck pain such as whiplash, herniated disc, neck wear, rheumatic joint pain, Discopathie and torticollis, it is important that the neck receive optimal support and protection, so that the neck muscles and cervical vertebrae get the rest they need. At Podobrace, we have therefore spent a long time searching for the right neck braces that have the best properties. And after a long search and testing with various suppliers at home and abroad, we finally selected these neck braces. The neck braces we offer are therefore regarded by many leading specialists and doctors as the best of their kind. So don't wait any longer and experience the difference at

Of course, with persistent neck pain it is important to consult your GP, but it's also good to know that at Podobrace, we also have Podopostural therapists specialized in treating neck pain. In our podopostural practice in Volendam, with our background in various medical disciplines (including measurements and a screening of the entire musculoskeletal system), we can help patients get rid of their neck pain. We have therefore selected only the best neck braces and neck pain products for you, to get rid of your pain as soon as possible.

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