Pain in the ankle when walking
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Pain in ankle when walking

Pain in the ankle can occur gradually due to overuse, for example, but it can also occur acutely, as in the case of an ankle sprain. In addition, there are other factors that can cause pain in the ankle while walking. In this blog, we discuss their possible causes and treatment.

The most common causes

If you suffer from ankle pain while walking or running, it is of course very annoying. In some cases, a small adjustment is enough to prevent the pain. There may also be situations where your body gives a warning of an upcoming injury. There are several causes that can cause this ankle pain.


The most common cause of ankle pain is overuse. Symptoms of this include inflammation, swelling, redness, bruising and reduced mobility. Your ankle can become injury-prone if you don't take enough time to recover after running a long distance or after a running workout.

Flat feet

Flat feet are also known as over pronation. If you have flat feet, the arch of the foot collapses and the ankles roll inwards. This can be genetic and can lead to dysfunction of the tibialis posterior tendon. Alternatively, you can actually get flat feet due to dysfunction of this tendon. Running with flat feet can lead to instability of the ankle. Over time, this can lead to long-term ankle instability. This increases the risk of ankle pain and ankle injuries.

Wrong technique

Finally, ankle pain when walking can be caused by poor technique. For instance, you can get ankle pain if you take long steps. This is because you then repeatedly stretch too much. Also, if your ankle muscles are weak or imbalanced, this can have a negative effect.

Preventing ankle pain

To prevent ankle pain, it is important to identify the cause. If you suffer from flat feet, then insoles can provide the solution. These ensure that the foot arch is corrected. This keeps the ankles stable and prevents ankle injuries.

It is also important to take rest after running a long distance or after running training. If you don't take enough time to recover, you can overexert your ankles. This causes pain in the ankle. By taking rest, you can prevent ankle pain. Finally, you can have a physiotherapist look at your situation. For example, they can examine whether you have the right technique or whether there might be another underlying factor for ankle pain. A physiotherapist can help come up with a solution to prevent ankle pain. Wearing an ankle brace can also support your ankle.

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