Shoulder taping an effective treatment
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Shoulder taping: an effective treatment

The shoulder is a complex joint that offers a lot of freedom of movement. However, this also makes it vulnerable to injury. Shoulder problems are therefore common, both among athletes and people who do not play sports. Taping the shoulder is an excellent way to support the shoulder and relieve pain.

What shoulder complaints are there?

There are different types of shoulder problems, which benefit from taping. We list the most common ones below: such as:

Shoulder taping

Shoulder taping is a non-invasive treatment that can help reduce pain and stiffness in shoulder pain. Kinesiology tape is the most commonly used type of tape for shoulder pain. Kinesiology tape is an elastic tape that stimulates blood and lymph circulation. This helps to reduce pain and relax muscles.

How does taping your shoulder work?

Taping the shoulder works in two ways:

How is shoulder tape applied?

Shoulder taping can be applied by a physiotherapist or other specialist. It is also possible to apply tape yourself. Here are a few tips:

When is it better not to tape your shoulder?

In some cases, it is recommended not to use tape. For example, when you have open wounds or infections. Or a condition where your blood or lymph circulation is disturbed. When in doubt, always consult a doctor or specialist.

Need more information?

Shoulder taping is an effective treatment for shoulder pain. It can help reduce pain, reduce stiffness and improve joint mobility. Shoulder taping can be applied by a physiotherapist or other healthcare provider. It is also possible to apply shoulder taping yourself.

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