the impact of ergonomics on productivity
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The impact of ergonomics on productivity

Ergonomics is the science that focuses on adapting tools and conditions to people so that they can function optimally. In short, it means adapting working conditions to people in such a way that they can function optimally. Ergonomics not only has a positive influence on employees' health, but also affects productivity. When employees make optimal use of ergonomics, productivity also goes up. In this blog, we provide more information on work-related injuries and the positive impact of ergonomics on an employee's productivity.

Prevention of work-related injuries

There are a number of things you can do to prevent work-related injuries. We list some of them for you below:

Common work-related injuries

There are several injuries that are work-related. We list some of them for you.

Improving productivity

When you design and adjust your workplace in the right ergonomic way, it ensures the right posture and height. This makes you work more relaxed, which in turn improves productivity.

Improving employee engagement

Good ergonomics contributes to reducing physical complaints that occur when the workplace is not properly designed. Employees who do not feel comfortable or are uncomfortable, experience more fatigue and, as a result, productivity decreases. When the workplace is properly adjusted to the individual needs of the employee, such as the right chair height, desk height and monitor position, employees can work more comfortably and, as a result, they feel better. This not only results in greater productivity, but also increases engagement.

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