Tips against back pain
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Tips against back pain

Back pain is a common complaint. It can occur suddenly. If that's the case, we speak of acute back pain. Usually, the symptoms disappear within a few days. If they persist for more than three months, it is called chronic back pain. In this blog, we will give you some tips for back pain. Feel free to read on.

What can you do for back pain?

There are several things you can do against back pain. We will give you some tips:

Change your posture regularly

It is important to change your posture every 20 minutes, especially when working in a seated position. Also, try to stand and walk regularly. Stiff muscles can cause or aggravate back pain.

Sufficient exercise

For back pain, do not stay in bed or on the sofa for more than one or two days. With back pain, try to resume daily activities and work as soon as you can. A walk in the open air can also help. Exercise strengthens the back muscles. Be careful not to exert too much effort here.

Focus on ergonomics

It is important to maintain good posture when standing, sitting and sleeping. Ergonomics can reduce and even prevent back pain.

Night's rest

Back pain usually makes it difficult to sleep. Poor sleep makes this pain feel even worse. An incorrect sleeping position can lead to back pain. Therefore, try to lie in a good position, like on your back. A well-supporting bed and a pillow for your neck can help.


Warmth relaxes muscles. You can take a warm bath to relieve back pain. You can also put a heat pillow on the spot where you feel pain. Do this several times a day to relax the muscles.

Avoid stress

Stress can cause back pain to intensify. Moreover, stress can cause back pain. Therefore, try to clear your head and relax in time. Don't worry too much about back pain and be patient. It is best to end the day with a soothing activity.

Visit a therapist

A therapist such as a chiropractor or physiotherapist can loosen up your back. He or she can also teach exercises to strengthen the back and show you how to maintain good posture while sitting, standing and moving.

Wear back support

Finally, wearing a back brace can provide support. Back support also ensures that your posture will improve. Ultimately, this will ensure that you experience less back pain. However, we recommend not wearing the brace once the back pain subsides.

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