tips for maintenance of your rollator
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Tips for maintenance of your Rollator

Finally, it arrived; your rollator. Maybe you found it difficult to buy the rollator, and it felt like a big step. Or you're delighted that it finally arrived and that you can walk around safely again. Anyway, your rollator has arrived, and you want to use it for as long as possible and safely. What is the best way to maintain your walker and use it for as long as possible? We will provide you with a number of tips below. The first and most important tip is that you, or someone close to you, check your rollator regularly. Below you'll find a number of things to check regularly.

In addition to the regular checks, it is also important to maintain the rollator yourself. This is to ensure that it has the longest possible duration. The most important aspect of maintaining your rollator is cleaning it. A clean walker has fewer defects and will last much longer. And that is, of course, the most important thing. The best way to clean your rollator is with a soft, damp cloth and, if necessary, household cleaning products. Do not use; aggressive cleaning agents. This will do your rollator too much damage. Due to outdoor use, dirt and mud will end up between the tires. You can easily remove this by using a brush. Do not forget to remove any hairs stuck between the wheel bearings. This will prevent the rollator from running less smoothly. At Podobrace, we have rollators from different price categories, and they are all of incredibly good quality. All our rollators are known for their quality, durability, comfort, stability and low, friendly price.

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