Tips for safe use of a rollator
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Tips for safe use of a Rollator

When you want to start using a rollator, it is essential that is properly adjusted. It's also crucial that you hold the rollator correctly. We are happy to inform you about the correct way to use a rollator and give you tips to allow you to go outside comfortably and safe.

Adjusting the rollator:

How to set the Rollator to the correct height.

What's the correct position of the hands?

Keep your fingers on the brake and the thumb on the inside of the handle. Should you make a mistake, you will automatically make a grabbing motion. Because your hands are placed alongside the brakes, you can squeeze them directly. If you held your hands around the handles, and you were to stumble, you unwittingly push the rollator away, and you will fall.

Technical adjustment

When you start walking, make sure that the latch against folding is securely locked. Most accidents occur due to the rollator bumping into the curb. If the rollator is not locked properly, it will fold. The hand and parking brake must also be adjusted properly. When the parking brake is applied, the device must be fixed and must not be able to be pushed away.

Using the Rollator

Below you will find some tips when you are using it:

Walking indoors

If you use the rollator indoors, make sure there is enough room to move. Remove loose cables, remove thresholds and rugs. If necessary, have a good deal of furniture moved. Always ensure adequate lighting in all areas. This way you can see where you are going. While walking, keep your feet between the space of the rear wheels and handles.

Getting up

If you want to get up from your seat, make sure that your rollator is on the parking brake at all times. Position the rollator close to your chair and never pull yourself up on the rollator. Lean forward well when standing up.

Sitting down

If you would like to sit down from a standing position, then make sure that you turn as close as possible to the chair. Only sit down when you feel the chair against the back of your legs. Put the rollator on its parking function. Place your hands on the armrests of the chair and lean forward. Sit down softly.

Walking outside

You must lift your feet properly while walking. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes that offer a lot of support. Make use of wheelchair ramps as much as possible when approaching and descending pavements. And pay attention to losing side walk tiles!

Approaching and descending the side walk.

Fortunately, most pavements have an oblique threshold for getting on and off easily. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that there is no threshold at all. If you want to get on the side walk, drive the rollator all the way up to the side walk and apply the brakes. Then take a small step backwards with one leg and tilt the front wheels of the rollator upwards in this movement. Then release the brake and push the rear tires against the side walk. Gently lower the front wheels and then place the rear wheels on the side walk. Then squeeze the brake and carefully step onto the side walk yourself. Do you want to descend from the side walk? Firstly, gently ride the rollator off the side walk. Then squeeze the brakes and carefully step off the side walk,

Sitting on the Rollator

When you're tired and there is no good chair or seat around you, feel free to rest on your device. Always put the device on the parking brake. Make sure you turn around near the walker. Firmly grasp the handles of the rollator. Lean forward and sit down slowly. When you're seated, your back must always face the walking direction.

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