tips for wearing and maintaining a thumb support
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Tips for wearing and maintaining a thumb support

Wearing a thumb brace is recommended for various thumb complaints. A thumb brace provides support, reduces pain and, in many cases, promotes healing. To ensure that the brace lasts as long and effectively as possible, it is important that you care for and maintain the brace correctly. We give you some tips on how to care for and clean your thumb brace so that it lasts as long as possible.

1. Clean the brace correctly

Braces are often cleaned the wrong way or washed or dried too hot. The most important tip for keeping your brace clean is this: always read the care label first. Every brace is different, so always read the label before you get started. There are also some general washing guidelines that apply. Use a neutral detergent and avoid bleach or other harsh detergents.

2. Drying properly

Drying properly is another important element. Never put the brace in the dryer. This will damage the material. Do not put the brace on the heater either, as this has the same effect. Let the thumb brace dry in open air, this ensures that nothing happens to the material.

3. Store in a dry and clean place

Make sure you store the thumb brace in the right place when you don't use or need it for a while. Make sure this place is clean and dry. Damp areas can facilitate mould and the growth of bacteria. Preferably store the brace in a box or airtight bag so that dust and dirt cannot get to it.

4. Check the fasteners and straps

Regularly checking the closures and straps of the thumb brace is essential to ensure that they continue to function properly. So check the thumb brace at regular intervals for wear, tears or loose threads. This will ensure that your brace is always in excellent condition.

If, after reading this blog, you still have questions about how to maintain, clean or use a thumb brace, contact our customer service team soon. They can answer all your questions and are happy to give you advice on our braces. They can be reached via phone, email and live chat.

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