Tips when buying a game chair
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Tips when buying a Game Chair

You are finally tacking; no more back pain misery and sore arms from all the gaming. You're going to do yourself a great favour by buying a game chair! But, what should you pay attention to when buying one? The range of game chairs is large nowadays, and we can understand completely if you feel a little overwhelmed by it. So below you'll find some useful tips when you buy a game chair.

What's my budget?

Sure, if you're going to purchase a game chair, then you will want the best and most luxurious looking one. But, will your bank account agree with that decision? Game chairs come in different price / quality ranges. In our assortment, you will find the game chairs with the best price / quality ratio. A game chair costs quite a lot of money. A couple of tenners will make the quality poor. While a game chair is supposed to last for years and be low in maintenance.


The most important thing is that your game chair is super comfortable. But it has to look good as well. Because how cool will one of our awesome game chairs look in your room! Your friends will be jealous seeing you game in an ergonomic game chair which looks spectacular at the same time! Our game chairs are available in various designs and colours. You can choose black-gray for a more chic look or, for example, you can choose the more sporty red-black combination.


Due to the ergonomic design of the Game Chair with Tilt Function and Adjustable Armrests, you will be seated comfortable and responsible during long gaming sessions. The game chair is adjustable from 16.93 - 20.08 inch (43 - 51 cm) through the gas spring system. The game chairs from our assortment are therefore most suitable for people with a minimum length of 1.65 m. By using the button on the bottom of the seat, you can adjust the resistance of the tilting mechanism.

The tilt function ensures that your body keeps moving while sitting. This stimulates the blood circulation and therefore the oxygen supply to your brain. This will make you stay focused during a long gaming session. The tilting resistance is set correctly if the chair tilts back when you let your arms hang and comes forward when you move your arms again. The backrest can be tilted up to 150 degrees (comparable to the lying position). The furnished armrests are adjustable and can be turned to the left and right and back and forth. The game chair contains a removable lower back and neck cushion.

In height adjustable

Game chairs are always adjustable, but many have different height settings. Therefore, it is essential to determine whether the possible heights suit your own length. When you sit with your feet on the floor, your legs must be positioned at a 90° angle.

Check the maximum capacity of your game chair

Not every game chair has the same capacity. If you put too much pressure on a chair, it can influence the gas spring and the chair can break. All our game chairs have a maximum capacity of 150 kg.

Will the game chair fit under your desk?

It may seem like we're kicking in an open door, but it is essential to check whether your gaming chair will fit under your desk. Especially when you're gaming with a keyboard and a computer mouse, sitting up straight is essential. So, always make sure that the armrests of the chair fit under your desk if you have adjusted it to the correct seat height. Add the height of the armrests to the seat height that suits you. Then measure the height of your desk to the bottom of the desk. That way, you will know if the game chair fits under your desk.


If you look at the quality of the game chairs, you will notice that there are significant differences. The cheaper variants may seem tempting to buy, but are often made of weak plastic materials and poor counterfeit leather. This will not help you achieve the highest possible gaming experience at all. All our game chairs are made of chrome and upholstered with PU leather. We guarantee the best price for the best quality. After reading these tips, it's no surprise that all your doubts are taken away immediately. At Podobrace, we have many game chairs in different editions and colours. So wait no longer and enjoy gaming again!

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