Top 4 sports that lead to pain in the hands
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Top 4 sports that lead to pain in the hands

According to British studies, 25% of hand or wrist injuries are related to sports. Pain in the hand is not only frustrating for athletes, but can also hinder their professional aspirations or scholarships.

Some sports put you at a higher risk of hand injuries than others. Below, we give an overview of the top four sports that can lead to pain in the hand.

1. Football

Football is a contact sport, so it makes sense that hand pain is a risk factor for many players. Also, a football player's position can increase the risk, as offensive and defensive players are most likely to suffer a hand injury, such as broken fingers.

Common hand injuries related to football are sprains of the thumb and finger. The best way to treat a stable ligament injury is with one of the thumb/hand braces from the assortment of Podobrace.

2. Cycling

Amateur and professional cyclists also often have hand pain. This is because they can develop ulnar neuropathy, a common condition in sports. Another name for this is steering wheel paralysis. This amounts to a pinched ulnar nerve. Common symptoms of the complaint can be:

In most cases, ulnar neuropathy can be relieved if you try to avoid bending your arm for long periods, not leaning on your elbow, and keeping your elbow straight during sleep. You can use splints to keep your elbow straight.

3. Hockey

Hockey is another impact sport that can cause hand pain, including hand fractures and wrist fractures. Hockey players can injure their hands in a number of ways by coming into contact with another player, the boards or the puck. They can also be injured by incorrect technique.

It is common for hockey players to wait weeks or months before receiving medical treatment for a hand or wrist injury. However, ignoring the problem can lead to long-term problems. It is better to treat a hand and wrist injury immediately to prevent permanent issues that can affect a sports career or hobby.

4. Tennis

Pain in the hand is common among amateur and professional tennis players. Possible injuries can include:

Hand and wrist injuries can occur in almost any sport, so it's important to perfect your technique on the court, field or track. You can also use supportive products to improve moderate to severe complaints, such as a thumb brace, wrist support or both.

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