Washing compression stockings
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Washing Compression Stockings

You bought compression stockings and want to maintain them as well as possible. It makes sense, and it's advisable. Proper maintenance / washing of your stockings ensures that they will last longer. However, you can't treat these like normal socks.

Washing machine

Stockings can be washed in the washing machine. We do advise you to wash them in a bag. It's important not to set the temperature above 40 degrees. Use hand wash to let the compression stockings air again. Note! Rinse the stockings properly!

Drying your compression stockings

To properly dry your stockings, it is best to do the following things. Roll the stockings in a towel and let them dry. It is essential not to wring it out. Also, you should never put the stockings in a dryer. Stockings are provided with elastic. This elastic can't withstand the heat of a dryer. You can't let the stockings dry out in the sun. So rolled up in a towel only.

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