what are support stockings
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What are support stockings?

Support stockings (also known as compression stockings) are stockings that improve blood circulation and provide support for your legs. Support stockings are elastic and exert pressure on the legs.

How do support stockings work?

Support stockings are elastic and exert pressure on the leg. Most of the pressure is applied at the bottom of the leg, near the ankles. As you get higher up the leg, the pressure will decrease more and more. As a result, the blood in your legs is pushed up towards the heart. Moisture that would otherwise accumulate in the lower legs is pushed back up and disposed of thanks to the compression stockings. This results in less swelling around the lower legs. Contemporary compression stockings are barely distinguishable from normal stockings. Moreover, they feel extremely comfortable and will not bother you while wearing them.

When do you wear support stockings?

Many people wonder, when to wear the compression stockings. We always recommend wearing the stockings only when you actually have symptoms. The stockings should be worn when you suffer from varicose veins or oedema. The stockings provide support so that these complaints are relieved. When your legs become tired or swollen, it is a good idea to wear compression stockings. You can wear compression stockings anywhere, while exercising or travelling. By wearing compression stockings, you keep your legs healthy!

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