What do I need rehabilitation after hip surgery
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What do I need for rehabilitation after hip surgery?

Hip surgery is a very radical surgery. During the surgery, the head of the hip and the hip socket are replaced by a prosthesis. The recovery should not be underestimated. Take your time for rehabilitation. There are several supports you can use to help you recover after the operation. We have listed them for you below.


After hip surgery, it is recommended that you walk with a rollator for at least a few weeks. A rollator is stable and prevents you from falling. People used to think that you should rest as much as possible after hip surgery. However, this is now outdated. It has been shown that movement after surgery is critical to promote recovery. Therefore, use a good, sturdy rollator in the first period right after surgery. Another advantage of the rollator is that you can easily carry a cup of coffee or a plate to and from your kitchen.

Walking frames

The use of a walking frame is also strongly recommended when starting your rehabilitation after hip surgery. As mentioned, it is critical to get moving right after surgery. You can start walking carefully by using a walking frame. Listen carefully to your body and do not force anything. Keep an eye on your own pain threshold and do not exceed it.

Walking stick

You may move about as normal after your operation, subject of course to your own pain threshold. For your own safety, it is advisable to start by walking carefully with a rollator. When you have recovered a bit more and feel secure, you can switch to a walking stick. By using this cane, walking becomes less tiring, and you can finally walk a little further. Make sure that you use the walking stick in the right way. Do not drag the cane, but place it firmly on the ground with every step you take. It is also important to keep the cane on the non-disabled side of your body.

Need advice on rehabilitation after hip surgery?

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