What should you pay attention to when buying a rollator
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What should you pay attention to when buying a rollator?

There are many things to consider when buying a rollator. From the wheels to the height of the handles. The ideal rollator depends on many factors, in this blog we list a number of reasons that you should pay attention to when buying a rollator.

Rollator with a seat

There are different types of rollators on the market. One has a seat and the other has a basket. When you choose a rollator with a seat, the height of this seat is also important. You have to consider that the seat is not positioned too low (to be able to stand up easily). It is also essential that you can maintain contact with the ground at all times. Your feet should always be flat on the floor when you sit.

Indoor or outdoors

An indoor walker is hard to use outdoors. This has a number of reasons. The wheels of an outdoors rollator are the same size as a rollator that is used indoors. This is for driving over different surfaces with less effort. Also, an outdoor walker is easily foldable, so you can take it with you in your car, without it taking too much space. Most indoor rollators aren’t foldable, as this isn’t necessary.

Lightweight rollator

Most rollators currently on offer are all lightweight. Lightweight means that the weight will be between 4.5 kg and 9 kg. Previously, the weight was around 15 kg. This is no longer the case for most rollators, but it is still important that you check the weight before buying, to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Lightweight rollator are much easier to use.

Transporting things

Instead of a seat, there are also rollators with a basket. This allows someone with walking difficulties to carry things. This way, you remain independent for longer, and you can continue to do your own shopping.

When in doubt, do it

You are not reading this blog without reason. You probably cannot walk easily without a rollator, or you doubted whether it would be suitable for you. When purchasing such equipment, we always say: \"When in doubt, do it\". Purchasing such a device is not a step back in your life, it is rather a step forward. With a rollator, you can easily walk again, whether outside or inside.

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